Malick Suso - Gambian Bird Guide

What do I need to bring?

Aside from the essentials, binoculars, telescope (although Malick always carries his own to ensure as many clients as possible get onto the birds) you may wish to bring your own guidebook. Again Malick always has his to hand but you may want to refer to it in the evenings and 'gen-up' before you arrive. Malick's book of choice is the excellent.

Sandals are okay but lightweight walking boots or trainers are a better bet as whilst there is no climbing or many 'rough' paths there are some wet areas when walking through the rice paddies. A hat is de-rigueur as is top block sun cream and a fleece for early morning starts when it can be surprisingly nippy. In the rainy season it is rarely cold but a shower proof coat and hat will keep you dry.

Birds come thick'n'fast

A backpack to carry bottled water and any snacks is a good idea and of course . . . don't forget your camera! Whether it's a happy snappy or DSLR there is sure to be something you'll want to immortalise. Sometimes the birds come so thick'n'fast that a dictaphone helps if you are a list keeper!

Depending on the season insect repellent may be required in the early mornings and evenings.

Image copyright Chris Packham
Image courtesy of Chris Packham