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Mike and Gerry - Group

"Malick was indeed a remarkable bird guide"

"........ I'm sure you would have been proud of his leadership and determination to make sure that everyone saw everything.  His ability to call in so many species and to sense the presence of something five trees back and invisible to the rest of us was incredible.  My wife and I did both the 'local' tour and the Mandina Lodge one (amazing place!).  We also stayed a second week and did a further two-day excursion with Malick to Tendaba Camp.  Our total haul was 208 and, of these, I estimated that - if we had visited the same places - we should have been able to find and identify about 97 for ourselves - the other 111 were down to Malick!

"One we would have identified (on the north bank boat trip out of Tendaba) was this which Malick said I had to send to you.  The book says 'frequent to common' but it was the only one we saw and I guess it was the timing which made it an unusual bird for the site?

"........ The tours went very well indeed and we were delighted by the numbers and variety of birdlife."

Mike & Gerry


"Within just a few hours, I was in awe of the man"

"Malick’s knowledge of birds is nothing short of breathtaking. He can see more with his battered pair of binoculars, only one eyepiece of which works, than I can with the two eyepieces of my new, top-of-the-range bins. What’s more, he can pick up the slightest tweet, warble or whistle and instantly identify the bird making the sound. Within just a few hours, I was in awe of the man."

"........ I and a several other birdwatchers (not necessarily the same ones every day) were taken to six birdwatching hotspots during the three days: Abuko Nature Reserve, Kotu Stream, Tanji Bird Reserve, Brufut Woods, Makasatu River and associated jungle, and Kachikally Crocodile Pool and nearby rice fields. We went out in the morning for several hours, returning for lunch. After resting, swimming or shopping (I did yet more birdwatching in the hotel grounds), we gathered again in late afternoon for another two or three hours with Malick.

"The number and range of birds we spotted was truly incredible – everything from vultures, herons, egrets, ibises, plovers, sandpipers and truly stunning rollers to various kingfishers (including the giant), iridescent sunbirds, gorgeous bee-eaters, well-hidden owls, shrikes, orioles, bulbuls, flycatchers, waxbills, firefinches, barbets, terns and cuckoos. My favourite birds? Probably the African harrier-hawk, Senegal coucal and yellow-crowned gonolek.

"At the end of three days, I felt I had known Malick for years and very much regretted having to leave."


Ron travelled with specialist tour operator The Gambia Experience -


"We were certainly in good hands with Malick"

"Not only was he a great guide but he was courteous and considerate to all members of the group and had a delightful sense of humour. He made sure that everyone had a chance to see the different birds wherever possible before we moved on and indeed there were many birds that we would never have spotted without his help. A special skill was his bird calls and at times it seemed as though the birds were actually conversing with him! He obviously delighted in sharing his knowledge and love of the birds with others."

Rosemary & Peter


Malick Suso - Gambian Bird Guide
Malick Suso - Gambian bird guide
Malick Suso - Gambia Bird Guide

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