Malick Suso - Gambian Bird Guide

How do I get there?

The best way is simple, you book through The Gambia Experience. This company is synonymous with holidaying in The Gambia and has many thousands of satisfied customers to vouch for their excellent service and pricing. Its friendly staff are a real asset on the ground and their brochure outlines a fabulous range of hotels from budget to boutique. They offer great and reliable value and a wide range of options in terms of travel and packages.

For more information and to request a brochure please go to

Aside from birdwatching, what is the Gambia like?

Friendly, safe, sunny, inexpensive and just a five and a half hour flight from the UK it is the perfect place to enjoy birding alongside all the attributes that make it a perfect destination for a relaxing family holiday. Great hotels, sandy beaches, colourful markets and fabulous food to cater for all tastes. But most of all it is the smiles from the local people which ensure you the warmest of welcomes and courteous of stays. The vast majority speak very good English which is taught in schools and the quality of service is superb.

If staying in touch with home is your desire there is no time difference and full mobile coverage on the coast and over most of the country. If you want it there is Sky Sports in most of the larger hotels and more traditional local entertainment in the form of singing, dancing and drumming, or if you want to really get away from it all you can choose one of the smaller or more exclusive eco-lodges such as Mandina where birdsong is all you will hear as you have a snoozy siesta.

Tourist related crime is virtually non-existent and Tourist Police are present in most areas and a quick to clamp down on anything that annoys or upsets visitors as the locals value their continued trade.

It isn't the cheapest destination in the world but compared to the UK it is far from expensive with things such as wine matching home prices in the supermarkets and short taxi rides around the coast being about the same. Food is less for superior quality and the cost of anything in the market or on the roadside, well, that's all down to your haggling skills!  

Image copyright Chris Packham
Image courtesy of Chris Packham