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Gambian Bird Guide - Malick Suso

Top birdwatching - more than 460 different species of birds!

That's how many bird guide Malick Suso has seen in all his years of birding in the Gambia. And his favourite . . . not the rarest, or most exotic, but the beautiful red-eyed Black-Shouldered Kite - a species relatively frequently seen hovering over the country's dry scrubland.

Well, that's the important facts sorted so what about some background. Malick was born in Bansang in 'up country' Gambia. He has four brothers and one sister and regularly visits and supports his family. He was lucky to have an uncle who is one of the Gambia's leading and most respected ornithologists, Lamin, who has been birding here for more than thirty years. He trained Malick in the art of finding, identifying and showing the great diversity of birds to visitors. He took his apprenticeship very seriously and 'passed' with flying colours and it is reassuring to know that sixteen years later Malick now has his own trainee, who regularly accompanies him to help with larger parties and learn the ropes himself.

Tuned in to the bird grapevine

Now based on the coast at Kotu, near the Bakotu and Kombo Beach Hotels, Malick is the most respected bird guide and oversees the other official guides based here. Of course he travels to wherever you are and his knowledge of the whole country is profound. He has visited many areas the length and breadth of the Gambia and continues to explore more locations all the time, always keen to stay fresh and discover new sites and species to enthral his clients. He doesn't just know 'the spots', he knows the trees, the boughs, the precise bends in a stream where the birds live and equally importantly he is on the local bird grapevine. If it's found, seen, merely glimpsed or heard he will be onto it and you will be the next to see it!

So what do his guests have to say about him . . . ?

'I've known and worked with Malick for more than fifteen years. I respect him as one of the best all round ornithologists I've ever met anywhere on earth and he has become a firm friend. His skills and knowledge are frankly astonishing.'  Chris Packham, BBC Naturalist and Broadcaster.

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Malick Suso - Gambian Bird Guide
Image courtesy of Chris Packham

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